Generate Diagram

Run from project directory.

$ berlioz output-diagram

Build Images

Run from project directory.

$ berlioz build

Setup Remote Provider

In order to run applications on a local workstation a dedicated public cloud account can be configured to be used.

Setup Using GCP

  1. Open GCP Console: https://console.cloud.google.com
  2. Select Project. IMPORTANT: do not use project used for production.
  3. Open IAM & admin
  5. Service account name: berlioz-local
  6. Click CREATE
  7. Add role Project -> Owner
  8. Click CONTINUE
  9. Click + CREATE KEY
  10. Select JSON
  11. Click CREATE. Use downloaded json file in the terminal below.
  12. Click DONE
  13. Execute in terminal. When completed delete downloaded credentials file.
$ berlioz local provider gcp set --key-path <path-to-credentials-json> --region [optional-region]

Setup Using AWS

Set up AWS admin credentials profile just like you would do anyways for development.

$ berlioz local provider aws set --profile <aws-profile> --region [optional-region]

Switching between GCP/AWS

Once local cloud providers are configured using steps above, then can be switched from one to another using following commands:

$ berlioz local provider gcp activate


$ berlioz local provider aws activate

Run Locally

Run from project directory. Command would build and run services on the local workstation.

$ berlioz local build-run

Stop Locally Running Applications

$ berlioz local stop